Social Introvert | Wife | Creator

Hi, I'm Kourtney!

Honestly, i’m just happy to be here, and have the opportunity to live out these moments with you. I am naturally an introverted & observant person, BUT When it comes to photography my inner social butterfly comes out! I like to watch little moments happen & capture details that would otherwise be missed.

I started my photography business 5 years ago, & it has been the creative outlet I never knew I needed! I get excited with every new inquiry, & still get butterflies when shooting your special moments.

I am a Wife to Joshua, and Mama to Harper, and love it here! But to be completely transparent, my happily ever after did not start off the way that I imagined. My wedding day was full of mishaps and unpleasant surprises, and it's still difficult to reflect on that day and not feel disappointed. When I started my photography journey, I avoided weddings all together due to my own personal traumas. However, I now use my story to help my couples live the dream day that they deserve.

Having been on the other side of “The best day ever”, It is my job to help ensure that your day is exactly what you envisioned and worked so hard for! Over the years, I have learned to anticipate all the what ifs, have become a professional dress fluffing, tide pen carrying, vow writer! It takes a lot to trust someone with your FOREVER memories, and I am so grateful to my couples that have and to YOU for considering me! 

I look forward to providing the same amazing service for you too!